The Band-Aid is off

As the world spins, and times change, so do my desires and needs as a full person: a mother, a friend and a midwife. It is time for me to lean into that change.

Following the delivery of the babies and women who are in care with me now, I am tucking away my home birth supplies for the time being, and fully leaning into my next path as a midwife. 

I am sorry that this means many unknowns for some of you, a path untaken on a journey that you may have thought you had mapped out. But I need to listen to my heart and take this step. 

You can check the website of New Hampshire Midwives Association for other local options. Or be in touch via email and I will give you my leads based on your location and history. I know there is nothing like home birth, and my being in a group practice at a hospital will not appeal to most of you, and I understand that fully, but if you want care with me moving forward, please find me there. Who knows, maybe it'll just be great <3