Courses that I endorse...

But have no part in teaching, and gain no kickback for referrals. These are just courses that I may have mentioned during our visit.

Oceanside PT, NH and online

Pelvic Floor 101

  • Have you been referred to therapy but don't have the time?
  • Does it seem too expensive and overwhelming?
  • Are you just not sure this path is really going to work?

This course saves you time and money with the education on the fundamentals of the pelvic floor, starter exercises, and tips prior to your first visit with a specialist.

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Bladder 101: Ending the Pee Dance

  • Are you someone who knows where every bathroom is all the time?
  • Does peeing rule your day?
  • Do you carry extra clothes...just in case?

Annoying, right?! You should be the boss, not your bladder!

We work every day with people who struggle with these issues and we developed this course to address them. Understanding the basics along with a couple of tweaks and some knowledge goes a long way to helping you get back control.

We will take you through the basics and get you started at your own pace, so that a lot of your urinary problems don't define what you do anymore!

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Erin Holt Health - Nutrition support

Eat to Achieveā„¢

21 days of nutrition education & lifestyle support offered in a convenient self-study program. This program teaches you how to shift toward a whole-foods eating approach while freeing yourself from the diet mentality to support overall health.

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